Flow Instruments

Pressure, flow and temperature are parameters of fundamental importance in the operation and control of most industrial processes, allied services and utilities. Of these, the flow is the most difficult to measure because number of instruments which can directly measure flow is quite small. And further, these direct measuring flow meters cannot be gainfully deployed in all situations.

In air pollution monitoring, the most commonly used flow meters are inferential flow meters which are based on Bernoulli’s equation. In these flow meters, the flow is inferred from the pressure drop that develops across a constriction such as orifice which is introduced in the path of air flow.

Accurate flow measurement is of fundamental importance in air pollution sampling. Erroneous flow measurements can lead to misleading results in respect of concentration of air pollutants, which in turn could result in health risks and / or wasted man hours.

Accurate and quick periodic calibration of flow measuring devices like rotameters, orifice meters, digital flow metes and flow generating devices like sampling pumps is an important requirement.

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