Digital Orifice Flow Calibrator

Easy to use air flow calibrator for accurate yet quick calibration of high flow rotameters and volume totalizers.

Calibration is the process of comparing a measurement device against an equal or a better standard to verify the closeness of the measurement device to the standard. The standard instrument, commonly called a calibrator, is generally required to be more accurate than the instrument under calibration. Calibrators are characterized by high accuracy, reproducibility, high reliability and stability. A calibrator’s accuracy itself needs to be verified against a known primary or secondary standard and is called traceability of calibration.

In order to ensure that the accuracy of the measurement stays within the claimed specifications, calibration of flow (also pressure and temperature) measuring instruments needs to be carried out on a periodic basis which may be once in six months to once a year as stipulated by the regulatory authorities.

Polltech’s Digital Orifice Flow Calibrator is an easy to use air flow calibrator which can be used for accurately and quickly calibrating high flow rotameters and other instruments. It can also be used to calibrate volumetric device such as Dry Gas Meter or other volume totalizers.

Available Models : PSI – OFC 1, PSI-OFC2, PSI-OFC3

Range :

PSI – OFC 1 30 to 300 LPM
PSI – OFC 2 10.0 to 120.0 LPM
PSI – OFC 3 2.00 to 30.00 LPM
Digital Orifice Flow Calibrator
Digital Orifice Flow Calibrator

Applications :

Calibration of flow and volumetric device such as rotameters, digital gas flow meters, Dry Gas Meter or other volume totalisers.

Physical Design Highlights

Digital Orifice Flow Calibrator employs a high-precision orifice assembly for measurement of flow. The assembly consists of an Orifice plate mounted in a specially designed cylindrical tube and is fitted with push fit unions for air inlet and outlet. In the case of PSI-OFC1 this assembly is a stand alone unit which is kept separate from the electronic unit, while for PSI-OFC2 and PSI-OFC3 it is fitted at the back of the electronic unit. The differential pressure that develops across the orifice because of the flow is measured with a precision solid state pressure sensor. Another solid state pressure sensor and a temperature sensor measures absolute pressure and temperature at the inlet of the orifice. The flow rate is computed programmatically with multi-point Linearisation using stored calibration parameters.

Salient Features :

  • Based on internationally accepted Orifice flow metering
  • Uses Pressure sensors and Temperature sensor for measurement of Orifice Parameters
  • Microprocessor based electronics
  • Measurement accuracy ± 2% of reading
  • Three different models covering all ranges of flow up to 300 LPM

Specifications :

Model →
Specification ↓
Flow Range 30.0 to 300.0 LPM 10.0 to 120.0 LPM 2.00 to 30.00 LPM
Display 32 Characters LCD Module
Parameters displayed Flow at Operating conditions, Flow at SATP (760 mmHg & 25o C) conditions, Operating conditions Pressure and Temperature, Total Time, Total Volume
Operating Key Functions Mode, Start and Stop ( for Time & Volume )
Totalizing Timer Range 1 Second to 60 Minutes
Totalized Volume range 9999.9 Liters 0.1 to 9999.9 Liters 0.1 to 9999 Liters
Flow sensing technique Orifice differential pressure, Gas Inlet absolute pressure & Temperature
Sensors Solid State Sensors for Orifice ∆P & inlet Pressure and gas Temperature
Absolute pressure Range 600 to 800 mm Hg
Temperature Sensor Range 5 to 600 C
Flow computation Computed programmatically using a 10 point Calibration table.
Volume Totalization Computed programmatically using the flow rate and the totalizing time
Orifice assembly location Stand alone housing Fitted at the back of Electronic unit housing
strong>Orifice material Precision machined SS
Inlet / Outlet Connection Pushfit Union for 16 mm OD tube Push fit Union for 12mmOD tube
Power Supply 6 VDC through 230 V AC adaptor
Dimensions & Weight 35x10x8 Cm for Orifice housing
21x10x4 Cm for Display unit
Total Weight- 2.5 Kg
ize - 25 x 25 x 8 Cm
Wt.- 1.2 Kg.


Filter cartridges, Carrying case / bag

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