Manual Isokinetic Stack Monitoring Kit Model PEM-SMK 20

Classical stack monitoring equipment with advanced digital features.

Based on US EPA methodologies, Manual Stack Monitoring Kit permits sampling for particulate and gaseous pollutants. Most parameters are displayed on a digital display module. Computations are carried out manually by the user.

Available Model : PEM - SMK20

Industrial stacks are the means by which an industrial plants discharge their gaseous wastes into the atmosphere. These gaseous effluents may contain pollutants which may be organic or inorganic in chemical nature and be in may be solid, liquid, or gas in physical form.

Stack Monitoring is an instrumental method or procedure for evaluating the characteristics of the emissions from industrial waste gas streams discharged into the atmosphere.

Manual Isokinetic Stack Monitoring Kit Model PEM-SMK 20

Effluent measurements and sampling procedures follow specific test methods and protocols to ensure representative and accurate emission data. Test methods are generally pollutant specific, sometimes industry specific. These test methods are formulated and recommended by a variety of regulatory and statutory authorities and jurisdictions such as USEPA, CPCB etc.

Salient Features :

  • Design complies with specifications recommended by US EPA & CPCB, New Delhi.
  • All disassembled components of the kit packed in a padded suitcase for safe and easy transportation.
  • Easy to assemble design; tools provided as part of kit.
  • Assembled kit is portable, compact and lightest available in India.
  • User Friendly Control Module
  • Multi-Function Electronic Unit
  • Programmable Start and Stop of Sampling Pump

Physical Design Highlights :

PEM-SMK20 : consists of a Control Module, a sampling pump, a gaseous sampling arrangement and a set of standard sampling accessories.

Control Module : This module is actually an integrated assembly made by tightly coupling two separate sub-modules (units). One sub-module (unit) is a micro-controller based unit which carries out signal processing, timing, computation and operator interface functions etc. This sub-module is called Electronic Unit.

The other sub-module (unit) houses all devices and sensors which measure the various input parameters required for computation of various derived parameters which characterize the stack emission. This unit is called Measurement Unit.

Impinger Module : This module is required for gaseous sampling, It consists of a foldable stand and a lightweight cooling box. The cooling box, which is made of plastic, has the provision to contain ice for cooling the iimpingers. The cooling box has the capacity to accommodate 4 nos. of 125 ml capacity and 2 nos. of 250 ml capacity glass impingers.

Sampling Pump : Sampling Pump is a very lightweight mono-block dry type pump with a free flow of about 100 LPM.

Standard Sampling accessories : Standard sampling accessories includes Pitot tube, thimble filter holder, thimble pipe, nozzles, stack thermo-couple and interconnecting tubes etc.

Detailed Technical Specifications :

Standard Sampling Accessories

(Necessary for measurement of various process parameters and supplied as integral part of the kit)

Pitob Assembly and Connecting Accessories

Pitot Tube Modified S-type Pitot tube of SS 304 duly calibrated 1 Meter length *
Sampling Probe Fabricated from SS 304 tube (ID >15 mm) 1 Meter length *
Nozzles A set of 3 SS Nozzles (¼", ⅜" & ½" bore) with sharp & tapered outer leading edge.
Stack Thermocouple 1 Meter long* K type in SS housing with 3 mtr. Cable.
Thimble Holder Tapered design made from SS 304 / 316 for Cellulose & G/F Thimbles.
Tool kit Containing essential tools required for assembly of Sampling Train.
Poly-urethane Interconnection tubes 12 mm OD – 3 Nos. All tubes 3 meters long *
6 mm OD – 2 Nos. All tubes 3 meters long *

Control Module :

This module is an integrated assembly comprising two separate units which are placed on over the other and tightly coupled as a single unit to make it compact and portable.

Electronic Unit

Technology Micro-controller based
Display module 20 characters x 4 lines OLED Alphanumeric
Keypad 7 multifunction keys with tactile feedback
Power Li-ion battery with built in charger
Operator interface 1. Facility for receiving input from operator
2. Display of prompts, messages and computation results
Measurement signal processing Pressure Sensors
Temperature Sensor
Pitot Tube dp
Computation Traverse Points
Stack Velocity
Particulate Sample Volume
Gaseous Sample Volume
Volume Totalization
Information Displayed Prompts, messages, computation result
Measured Parameters Pitot ∆p
Stack Gas Gauge Pressure
Stack Gas Temperature
Particulate Flow
Gaseous Flow
Flow Meter Temperature
Flow Meter Vacuum
Time / Timer

Measurement Unit

Measurement Category Measured Parameter Sensor employed Range Measurement Accuracy
Ambient Pressure Abs. Pressure Sensor 400-800 mmHg A ±0.5 % of FS
Temperature RTD Sensor 0.0-60.0 °C ±0.5 °C
Pitot Differential Pressure Pressure Sensor 0 to 200.0 mmWC ±0.5 % of FS
Velocity Stack Gas Temperature K Type Thermocouple 0 to 1200 °C ±2 °C
Stack Gas Pressure Abs. Pressure Sensor 400 to 800 mmHg ±0.5 % of FS
Gas Temperature RTD Sensor 0 to 100.0 °C ±0.5 °C
Gas Pressure (Absolute) Abs. Pressure Sensor 400 to 800 mmHg ±0.5 % of FS
Particulate Particulate Flow Rate Orifice flow DP Sensor 2.0 to 60.0 LPM ±2% of FS
Sampling Metered Volume (Traverse Point wise) Computed from Flow and Time 999 L ±2% of reading
Total Metered Volume 9999 L
Time of Sampling Stop watch / Timer 9 h 59 min 59 s ±2 seconds
Gas Temperature RTD Sensor 0 to 100.0 °C ±0.5 °C
Gaseous Gas Pressure Absolute Abs. Pressure Sensor 400 to 800 mmHg ±0.5 % of FS
Sampling Gaseous Flow Rate Orifice flow DP Sensor 0.2 to 6.0 LPM ±2% of FS
Gaseous Volume Computed from Flow and Time 999.9 L ±2% of rdg.
Time of Sampling Stop watch / Timer 9 h 59 min 59 s ±2 sec
Auxiliary Exit Gas Temperature PT100 °C or 0 to 100.0 °C or ±0.5 °C
Temperature or Heated Probe T/C K Type 0 to 200.0 °C ±1 °C
Leak Check Leak Rate Computed from Vacuum drop and Time 0.1 to 9.9 lpm ±10 %
Additional Features Auto Start / Stop of Sampling Pump through Start & Stop key of Stopwatch / Timer

Sampling Pump

Type Monoblock, Dry Rotary type with Graphite Vanes coupled to a half H.P. Pump Motor
Motor operating supply 230 V AC, 1 Phase, suitable for 0.5 HP Motor
Free Flow > 95 LPM
Maximum Vacuum > 600 mmHg
Weight About 7 Kg

Additional Features :

Auxiliary Gas Temperature AUX PT100 – 0 to 100.0 °C or AUX T/C K Type – 0 to 200.0 °C
Leak Check 0.1 to 9.9 LPM
Auto Start & Stop of Sampling Pump Through start and stop key of Time

Accessories :

Whatman Glass Fiber Thimbles

Whatman Cellulose Filter Thimbles

Glass Impingers of various types & capacities

Pitot Tubes of various length

Sampling Probes of various lengths

PU Tubes of various length

Thermocouples of various length

Nozzles of various sizes

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